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Fast Services Auto GlassWe provide quality windshield and auto glass services at our shop in Provo, Utah and on site through our mobile auto glass services. Our mobile service extends to Provo, Orem, and the surrounding communities, including Lindon, Alpine, and Saratoga Springs. While our shop is located in Provo, we're proud to provide glass repair and replacement services throughout the surrounding communities.

We know you can't always bring your vehicle into a shop to get glass service, and that's why we can come to you in any of the cities in the surrounding area.


Auto Accessories

  • Car Audio - iPod Integration
  • Remote Starters
  • Alarm Systems
  • Car Video / DVD
  • Navigation Systems

Auto Glass Services


Window Tinting

  • Bake-On Window Tint
  • What is Bake-On Tint?
  • Auto Window Tinting
  • Residential Window Tinting
  • Commercial Window Tinting



Do you have broken or damaged auto glass? When your windshield is chipped by a rock or other debris, or when your auto glass breaks entirely, you'll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Luckily, we make it easy to repair or replace your auto glass by offering in-shop and on-site services. While our shop is located in Provo, we provide mobile auto glass service in Orem as well as the surrounding communities. That means if you can't meet us at our shop, we'll come out to you and repair your windshield or replace your auto glass on site, on your time, and what's more... we'll do it at no extra cost to you.

Auto Glass Replacements

Has a window in your car been shattered or the crack in your windshield spread? If you have extensive damage, you'll want to get the glass replaced as soon as possible. We want to make this process easy by offering on-site auto glass replacement, automated insurance billing, and fast and friendly service. Learn more about our auto glass replacements.

Windshield Repairs

Did you know that almost 80% of all damaged windshields can be repaired without having to replace the entire glass? A windshield repair can save you hundreds when compared to a replacement and some windshield repairs may cost you nothing out of pocket. If your windshield has been damaged by a rock chip and the damage is small, let us restore your windshield's clarity with a windshield repair.


Vantages Air Glass TrimVantages of Air Glass & Trim

  • Faster and reliable services
  • Best materials quality
  • Trained and professional staff
  •  Warranty for all services
  •  More than 30 years of experience
  • We are #1 of Provo


Why choose us?

Services Auto GlassIf you've shopped at other stores (or if you plan to) before committing to a tint shop, keep in mind that we have over 30 years' experience installing window film on all sorts of vehicles. In addition, we are the originators of Bake-On Window Tinting.

With credentials like that, it's easy to see why we are #1 in the Provo and Orem area. We want your business for life.

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Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement


We replace windshields in shop and mobile. We are certified with all insurance companies and are also authorized and licensed to work on your car at the body shop if need be. In many cases we can save up to a $100.00 deductible, leaving the cost at zero to you. Our cash price is definitely the best around, backed by our 37 years of experience. Call us for a quote today.

Did you know that about 80% of all damaged windshields don't need to be replaced? It's true! In fact, many damaged windshields can be fixed with a windshield repair which can save you hundreds when compared to the cost of a replacement. If you have damage to your windshield and the damage is small enough, let our windshield repair experts restore your windshield's clarity and have you back on the road fast! You can learn more about successful windshield repairs here or set up an appointment by clicking the quote link above.


The windshield repair process aims to drastically reduce the appearance of damage to the windshield and restore a clear view to the driver. This is achieved by injecting a special resin into the damaged area which fills in the cracks while bonding to the windshield. After the resin is injected into the damaged area it is exposed to UV rays which cause the resin to cure to the glass. The resin restores the strength of the windshield and drastically reduces the visibility of the damage, many times to the point of being invisible to the naked eye. The entire process can be completed in about 20 minutes which means you'll be back on the road fast. .

And did you know that most insurance companies will pay for your rock-chip repair which means it will cost you no money out of pocket? Even if you have a $500 deductible, most likely, your windshield repair will cost you nothing!


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Window Tinting










We are the originators of the Custom-BAKE-ON Window Tint. We have been serving the Provo- Orem area for 37 years. 

What is Custom BAKE-ON Window Tinting?  "All movable glass is removed from the car and then the film is applied to the top edge of the doorglass and down below the door panel.  There are no clear lines around any windows.  The glass is then put in to a bake booth till its dry.  The backglass is tinted in the car. No seals are broken, so the factory warrenty stays in tack.  As soon as you pick up your car you can roll your windows up and down.  No wait time, making your tint job,.. the best tint job!

Residential Window  Residential Window & Commercial Window Tinting

In addition to our automotive window tinting services we also install window films on flat glass in homes and businesses. Tinting the windows of your home or office is a great way to add privacy to a conference room, office or bathroom as well as add to the overall look of the building from the outside.

Window films also help to reduce your energy costs. Window tinting serves as an insulation aid to keep the inside heat from escaping during the cold winter months and it restricts the sunlight from beating through the windows when the air is on in the summer months.

Window Tinting - Why choose us?  Why choose us?

window tinting provo ut

If you've shopped around other stores (or if you plan to) before committing to a tint shop, keep in mind that we have over 30 years of experience installing window film on all sorts of vehicles and buildings. In addition, we are the originators of Bake-On Window Tinting. With credentials like that, it's easy to see why we are #1 in the Provo-Orem area.


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