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Custom BAKE-ON Window Tinting

We are the originators of the Custom-BAKE-ON Window Tint. We have been serving the Provo- Orem area for 44 years. What is Custom BAKE-ON Window Tinting? All movable glass is removed from the car and then the film is applied covering all edges of the glass as well as the portion bellow the door panel line. There are no clear lines around any windows. The glass is then put in to a bake both till it's dry.

The back glass is tinted in the car. No seals are broken, so the factory warranty stays in tack. As soon as you pick up your car you can roll your windows up and down. No wait time, making your tint job, the best tint job

Residential Window & Commercial Window Tinting

  • Beyond automotive window tinting, we also install residential and commercial window films providing privacy, aesthetics and energy savings. Our commercial window treatments increase insulation, reduce heating/cooling costs, block sunlight glare and enhance room ambiance with various tint shades. Discover affordable window covering solutions for your home or business.
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Why choose Us?

With over four decades of industry expertise, our master technicians have the experience to flawlessly install precision window films on diverse vehicles, homes, and office spaces.

We originate and perfected the advanced Bake-On Window Tinting method – an innovative heating technique that activates durable, long-lasting adhesives for stronger bonding and resistance to peeling, bubbling, or cracks over the lifetime of the product.

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